LEAD 400 - Strategic Human Resources Competencies

This interactive course will cover the key competency areas of Human Resources and enable students to apply their learning in a variety of human resources and leadership scenarios.
This course will examine a variety of contemporary human resource management issues, situations and best practices. Through the utilization of human resources case studies, students will practice and be actively involved in analysis, decision making and action planning.
Students will manage, design, prepare and present a comprehensive strategic Human Resource Management project. Students will analyze factors internal and external to an organization and provide strategic recommendations for an organization based on:
· workplace culture,
· onboarding,
· total rewards,
· HR Strategy,
· health, wellness and safe workplace,
· learning and development,
· HR metrics,
· Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism,
· leadership,
· employee relations and
· employee engagement.
Communication, leadership and professional skill building will be emphasized as students develop an ability to self-reflect, think strategically and problem solve human resource-based business challenges.
Prerequisite(s): Lead 272
Corequisite(s): Lead 272 is equivalent to BUS 281

LEAD 400
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