INTD 280 - The Mountain World

An interdisciplinary study of the physical and human dimensions of mountain environments. Content includes the physical (glaciers, climate, geology, etc.), biological (flora, fauna, ecology, etc.), physiological (human bodies at altitude, performance, sport, etc.), and cultural (societies, literature's, histories, etc.) dimensions of these unique regions, as well as a critical analysis of the processes of change and influence shaping local and regional mountain environments around the globe, past and present. This course is offered fully online through University of Alberta’s eClass system. Exams will be written at Yukon University’s Ayamdigut (Whitehorse) campus. This course may be an option for B.Sc. ENCS students who require a Free Elective or have room for a 200-level Approved Program Elective (APE) in their program. Please see an ENCS Program advisor for more information on registering in this course.

Registration restricted to students in B.Sc. in Environmental and Conservation Sciences program. Non-B.Sc. ENCS students interested in taking INTD 280 should contact the ENCS Program Advisor, Dr. Katie Aitken, at, for registration information. University of Alberta also offers a free, fully online version of this course for audit, called Mountains 101. For more information, visit….

INTD 280
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