GEOL 213 - Geophysics

This course provides an introduction to the principles of geophysics and context for how geophysical field techniques can be used to address geological and environmental problems. Students will develop competencies using basic geophysical equations to better understand geologic systems at a variety of scales, and predict the geophysical response to different rock types and structures. An emphasis will be placed on survey design and hands-on operation of geophysical equipment (electromagnetic, gravity, electrical, magnetic, ground penetrating radar (GPR) methods), as well as the subsequent processing and analysis of data. Lectures will showcase examples from local mineral exploration and mining projects as well as environmental applications.

PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of GEOL 105 (Physical Geology), PHYS 102 (Elementary Physics II) and MATH 101 (Single Variable Calculus II); OR permission from the course instructor.

GEOL 213
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