GEOL 105 - Physical Geology

Physical Geology (GEOL 105) is an introduction to the origin, structure, and composition of Earth. The course uses the unifying theory of plate tectonics to frame the presentation of a broad suite of geoscience processes affecting the earth. Topics covered include atomic structure and minerals; igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks; weathering, erosion and depositional processes; earth composition and structure; volcanism, earthquakes, and rock deformation. Hands-on laboratory exercises focus on rock and mineral identification, basic outcrop description, and geologic map reading, construction, and analysis.

Physical Geology (GEOL 105), when paired with Historical Geology (GEOL 106), provide the standard first year of geoscience courses in most B.Sc. degree programs.

Students must also register in the mandatory lab component of the course, GEOL 105L

GEOL 105
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