GARD 010 - Yukon Master Gardener

Presented in partnership with the Yukon Agriculture Branch.

Yukon Master Gardener is a standardized course used throughout North America that focuses on building gardening expertise. The Yukon course provides northern examples with a focus on management that is effective for cold climates. A series of instructors deliver the course, giving you a broad background in plant botany, physiology, taxonomy, soils, compost, outdoor gardening, greenhouse management, lawn care, houseplants, pests and pest control, medicinal plants, woody perennials and ornamental horticulture.

This course is typically delivered over the duration of 1-month with classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9PM as well as 2 Saturday classes from 9-12PM.

Topics Include:
- Introduction, Climate, & Soil Basics
- Integrated Pest Management
- Lawns & Groundcover
- Modifying soils and understanding soil fertility
- Greenhouse Design for Northern Climates
- Flowering Plants including bulbs, annuals, perennials, house
- Outdoor Vegetable Gardens
- Botany/Plant Classification (lab)
- Compost (lab)
- Woody Perennials & Small Fruit
- Growing Undercover

GARD 010
This course has no upcoming sessions scheduled