FNGA 240 - Indigenous People and Research

This course is designed to introduce students to the relationships between research, colonialism and Indigenous Peoples. Students will develop skills and approaches for understanding their own positionality and how it affects their current or future research relationships with Indigenous Peoples. Content will explore approaches to research, research ethics, and Indigenous methodologies, and introduce students to qualitative and quantitative research methods. The intent of the course is to prepare students to lead and/or participate in responsible, community-based research projects with Indigenous communities, organizations, governments and Nations.

Prerequisites: ENGL 100 and HIST 140 or FNGA 100 or FNGA 101.

This is a second‐year course and expectations are set accordingly. Students are assumed to have taken other university‐level courses in addition to the named prerequisites. Students who do not meet the specified prerequisites may be admissable with permission.

FNGA 240
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