FNGA 209 - Intergovernmental Relations

This course will introduce students to key concepts of intergovernmental relations and prepare students to critically explore and promote positive relations between levels of government ranging from local to international. The aim is to create a safe space in which to explore the foundations of Indigenous ways of knowing and relationships, including emotion, trust, respect, and security. This foundation will be used to review the history and evolution of intergovernmental relations. Specific case studies, both successful and controversial, from the circumpolar north will be analyzed to assess how the spirit and intent of intergovernmental arrangements are fulfilled. From this we will explore the processes and tools that drive administrative business, collaboration, and expectations, with a focus on practical approaches to working within and pushing against the constraints and opportunities of intergovernmental relationships.

This is a second‐year course and expectations are set accordingly. Students are assumed to have taken other university‐level courses in addition to the named prerequisites. Students who do not meet the specified prerequisites may be admissable with permission.


No scheduled sessions