FNGA 200 - Organizational and Community Wellness

This course will introduce students to the concept of organizational and community wellness in a First Nation community and government settings. The course will examine the role that management and leadership has to play in meeting the challenges Yukon First Nations face today, particularly in providing strategies and solutions for their citizens, communities and governments.

The implementation of the Yukon First Nation Final and Self-government Agreements requires Yukon First Nations to assert principles of self-determination, wellness, health, self-reliance and revitalization of cultures and language. However, making the kind of changes that allow individuals, communities and First Nation governments to overcome the residual effects of colonization is challenging and require strategies and effective methodologies. This course will focus on the kinds of analytical, conflict and dispute resolution skills that are required by leadership in order to affect positive change. Students will have an expanded understanding and appreciation of the impact of the colonial era in the Yukon. Students will also better understand the challenges Yukon First Nations face in creating individual, community and governmental strategies to improve the quality of life for their people.

Prerequisites: ENGL 100 and HIST 140 or FNGA 100 or FNGA 101.

This is a second‐year course and expectations are set accordingly. Students are assumed to have taken other university‐level courses in addition to the named prerequisites. Students who do not meet the specified prerequisites may be admissable with permission.

FNGA 200
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