FNGA 101 - Governance & Land Claims

This course introduces students to the evolution of Indigenous governance and modern treaty making from pan-Canadian perspectives, and with a particular focus on Yukon First Nations’ experiences. Central themes will examine Indigenous governance inside and outside of the modern treaty context; intergovernmental relations; as well as the tensions between Indigenous worldviews and ways of knowing, and western bureaucratic processes and perspectives. In addition, course content will explore the historical evolution of Indigenous-government relations across the country by examining case law and the successes and challenges of land claims implementation. The intent of this course is to honour and recognize how far Indigenous people have come and how hard they have fought for self-determination, and protection of their lands, languages and cultures.

Students who successfully complete this course will have achieved core competency in knowledge of Yukon First Nations. By the end of this course, students will have greater understanding and awareness of Yukon First Nations history, culture and journey towards self-determination. For details, please see www.yukonu.ca/yfnccr.

FNGA 101
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