FNDS 103 - Foundations in Indigenous Governance

Graduates from the lndigenous Governance Degree (lGD) will be makers of change, space, innovation, harmony,
and relationships. They will be leaders and practitioners in land, community, family, scholarship, culture, and
government. Given the importance and grounding of these elements throughout the lGD, this foundations
course provides an opportunity for all first-year IGD students to meet and begin building relationships and
community with one another. Students will also meet and engage with lndigenous Elders, leaders and changemakers.
The course contains three key components: a land-based experience; lndigenous values, ethics, and
leadership; and academic skills and preparedness.

The course builds confidence and familiarity with academic systems while providing strategies for bridging
academic and lndigenous ways of knowing. Through a series of workshops and guest speakers, this course
focuses on building student resiliency in culturally and trauma informed ways. Students will be connected to
YukonU support staff to learn about YukonU programs, services, resources, and how to access these services.
Throughout the course, students are invited to begin thinking through, shaping, and enacting their leadership
qualities and values, rooted in their cultural practices and ethics.

FNDS 103
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