ECS 410 - Assessment and Evaluation

Assessment and Evaluation are terms that embody a constructed set of beliefs, values and practices, often taken for granted in education. This course takes a critical look at the construction and practice of assessment and evaluation in the context of teaching and learning and helps prepare pre-service teachers to practice fair and equitable assessment and evaluation.

Emphasis will be placed on developing clear learning targets, co-constructing criteria, using samples, and communicating effectively with students and parents about student achievement. Assessment and evaluation are complex, highly politicized and often divisive issues within and without the educational sphere. This course will enable pre-service teachers to explore and critically examine assessment methods/practices and the philosophies and policies, which inform them. This course would see our teacher-graduates as "agents of change" through "assessment for learning" that is truly a transformative pedagogical act toward addressing achievement gaps within the Yukon educational setting.


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10343 Brian Lewthwaite Whitehorse (Ayamdigut)
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