CCPC 504 - Climate Change Policy Practice: Final Project

This course is the culmination of the Post-Degree Climate Change Policy Certificate (CCPC) and is the final requirement of the program. It offers students the opportunity to integrate previous coursework as they prepare a significant policy paper or report. Its practical and/or virtual experiences are designed to demonstrate the effects of climate change on northern physical and biological ecosystems as well as on infrastructure and communities, Indigenous culture and traditions.

A climate change policy perspective on the relationships between local and regional environments, and between these environments and their natural resources and hazards, is emphasized. Community well-being and sense of place, as well as other socio-economic factors, will also be studied.
Students will explore examples of permafrost thaw, glacial retreat, shifting biomes and other climate-related environmental changes, and will discuss immediate policy issues with communities, governments and relevant organizations that hold public and private interests.

This course aims to provide enriched experiential learning and, through critical reflection and engagement, to strengthen community-related projects. Students will demonstrate the breadth of their understanding of often-interdisciplinary climate change policy issues, while considering various worldviews and the human component.

CCPC 504 that we will deliver the course as a mini capstone this spring, and that the ancillary fee will be $260.

Registration for Spring 2021 has been delayed due to administrative reasons.

Prerequisites: Students must have completed CCPC 500, CCPC 501, CCPC 502 and CCPC 503 to be eligible to enroll in the field school, or obtain permission from the School of Liberal Arts to attend this course.

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30019 Katrine Frese Online/Video
Cost: $260.00
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