BIOL 201 - Cell Biology

This core second-year biology course examines the structure and function of cells and cell membranes in detail. Students gain an understanding of processes such as cell mobility, the cell cycle and cellular reproduction, vesicular transport, endo- and exocytosis, and membrane transport. Cellular genetics (cytogenetics), homeostasis of the cell, and the evolution of cell organelles will also be examined. Students will gain understanding of cellular flow of information from genetic code to protein and the importance of this flow in cellular processes. Students will gain hands-on experience in basic cellular biology lab techniques, such as various microscope, specimen staining, and separation techniques.

Students must also register in the mandatory lab component of the course, BIOL 201L.

Prerequisites: BIOL 101 and BIOL 102, both with a minimum grade of C.

BIOL 201
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