BCAP 400 - Business Administration Capstone

The Business Administration capstone experience is an opportunity for students to integrate and apply their theoretical knowledge of business practices while addressing a northern community need or issue. Business capstone projects will stem from community organizations (e.g. businesses, governments, nonprofits) that are seeking support in moving a specific challenge or opportunity forward. While working in teams under the guidance of faculty members and community members, students will hone their consulting skills as they work through a project and produce a professional presentation and report.

It is mandatory that Bachelor of Business Administration degree students take at least two capstone courses (i.e. BCAP400 and/or BCAP4XX(GRIP)). Students may take BCAP400 twice but they must pursue unique projects. Students may only take BCAP4XX(GRIP) once. Students will work in collaboration with the course instructor(s) to create capstone experiences that align with their respective areas of interest and ensure that they gain practical experience(s) in business administration.

Prerequisite or Corequisite: LEAD 402

BCAP 400
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10264 Lisa Kanary Whitehorse (Ayamdigut)
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