ANTH 101 - Biological Anthropology

ANTH 101 is a general introduction to the field of biological anthropology, and its contributions to our understanding of human evolution and behaviour. Students examine the emergence of the human species and the theoretical and methodological frameworks used to understand present-day human biological variation and adaptation. This is done through the analysis of fossil and modern primates, including Homo sapiens. Topics include basic history and principles of evolutionary theory, hominid evolution, environmental stress in living and archaeological primate populations, human skeletal biology, and comparative primate anatomy and behaviour. Hands-on lab activities involving bones, tools, pottery, etc., reinforce concepts.

Students must also register for the mandatory lab section, ANTH 101L.

ANTH 101
CRN Instructional method Instructor Location Start date Seats available*
10117 Face-to-face Synchronous Victoria Castillo Whitehorse (Ayamdigut)
Class schedule
Start date End date Room Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Classroom - Face to Face A2801 - 1:00 PM - 2:20 PM - 1:00 PM - 2:20 PM - - -