Open Studies

Open Studies allows you to take credit courses from a variety of subject areas and disciplines, for:

  • professional development
  • upgrading post-secondary qualifications
  • general interest

Through Open Studies, you can earn up to six credits in each term (typically two courses) without being enrolled in a program. 

Credits earned may be considered toward a future degree or diploma. To receive a credential, you will be required to apply, and be accepted, to a program. Some programs, such as trades, do not allow students to take courses without enrolling in the program. Please consult a program advisor for available Open Studies courses.

Please note that International students are not eligible for Open Studies without an authorization form. Please contact Registrations & Records at or call 867 668 8710 ext. 2, for more information.

How to register for Open Studies

To register in Open Studies, a valid student account is required. Accounts can be created starting on the first day of registration for the term.

  1. To obtain a student account please call Registration and Records at 867 668 8710 ext. 2, email us, or visit the Office of the Registrar at the Ayamdigut campus.
  2. Once your student account is created you can register for courses online.

Deadlines to create student account

Winter 2024 term – Friday, December 22, 2023
Spring/Summer 2024 term – Friday, June 28, 2024
Fall 2024 term – Friday, August 30, 2024

Registration dates

Winter 2024 term – October 16, 2023–January 12, 2024
Spring/Summer 2024 term – February 12, 2024–May 8, 2024
Fall 2024 term – June 10, 2024–September 13, 2024

Students are encouraged to register early as enrolment in most courses is limited and courses may fill before the end of the registration period. You must meet course pre-requisites and may need a program advisor’s approval to register for a course.