Joyce Family Foundation donates $1M to support YukonU student success

WHITEHORSE, YT—The Joyce Family Foundation has donated $1 million to support Yukon University student success with two renewable, annual bursaries alongside providing sustained funding for a peer mentorship program.

Students facing high financial obstacles who are beginning their post-secondary journey by entering the University Access Pathways (UAP) program can apply to this new bursary. The first deadline is May 15, 2022.

Each recipient will receive $3,000 towards academic and technology expenses. The bursary can be renewed twice for students in good standing who are continuing onto a YukonU diploma or degree program, providing up to $9,000 per recipient.

The $1 million endowment will also benefit all students through the creation of a permanent peer mentorship program.

A student coordinator and two peer mentors will be hired from the student body to operate this new mentorship program. The mentors will provide active and ongoing support to the bursary recipients as well as being available to mentor all students accessing Academic and Advising Services through the Academic Support Centre.

“The Joyce Family Foundation Board is very pleased to offer this support to Yukon University students. We hope this bursary and peer-to-peer mentorship program help recipients overcome the financial and life challenges they face and achieve their dreams,” Maureen O’Neill, executive director, Joyce Family Foundation.

“This generous $1 million endowment, and the bursaries and peer mentorship program it supports, will be a huge boost to the success of students entering University Access Pathways. It will provide certainty and holistic support to empower students to reach their education goals,” said Dr. Lesley Brown, president and vice chancellor, Yukon University.

The UAP program is the gateway to post-secondary education for 15 per cent of YukonU students. Program graduates meet the admission requirements for Canadian post-secondary programs and are better prepared to enter university-level academic studies. They also possess a foundation of personal and life skills that will help them succeed and are better positioned to secure stronger employment opportunities.

The Joyce Family Foundation is dedicated to supporting the social, economic and emotional well-being of children and youth by empowering them to develop into healthy, confident, independent contributors to Canadian society. Created by legendary Canadian entrepreneur Ronald V. Joyce, the Foundation’s primary focus is to provide access to education for children and youth with significant financial need or facing other socio-economic barriers to success.

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