Yukon College jumps to top spot in number of paid student researchers


NEI Team
NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Northern Energy Innovation, Dr. Michael Ross (far right) with his student research team, at Yukon Energy, summer 2019.

Yukon College has once again made the list of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges, jumping to the top spot for number of paid student researchers compared to other similarly sized institutions.

In 2018, Yukon College employed 43 students in paid research positions, up five from 2017 and 13 from 2016. This year-over-year increase reflects Yukon College’s commitment to cultivate student capacity to conduct research throughout the institution, its campuses and the North.

Long-time Whitehorse resident and Yukon College student Daniel Jolkowski is studying for a Bachelor of Science in Northern Environmental and Conservation Science. He also assists with cold climate research at the Yukon Research Centre (YRC), the research branch of the College, processing and analyzing data from remote weather stations across the territory.

“The YRC has a really special work environment,” said Jolkowski. “My work is mentally engaging, and the skills I am developing in data analysis and visualization are extremely transferable and will be invaluable in my career. I am grateful that I can live here in Whitehorse and finish my studies without having to move away from Yukon.”

Other research areas where students held paid positions in 2018 include climate change adaptation, Northern Energy Innovation, biodiversity monitoring and Northern Mine Remediation.

“We are thrilled that, year after year, Yukon College is recognized for our commitment to providing our students with relevant applied research opportunities,” said Clint Sawicki, associate VP, Research Operations. “Student involvement plays a significant role in achieving the College’s strategic goal of conducting, implementing and sharing research on northern topics.”

Research Infosource subcategorizes the Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges List by size, and tiers are based on Fiscal 2018 total college income. Despite its classification as a ‘small’ institution, Yukon College holds its own against many larger colleges in Southern Canada, ranking ninth overall in number of completed research projects and taking in over $2.9 million in research income in 2018.

Expanding northern research and innovation is one of Yukon College’s strategic directions and integral in its transition to Yukon University. Leading up to and succeeding the transition, the institution will continue to offer exceptional student experiences, inspiring and supporting student potential through experiential learning and research opportunities.

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