Condoms for Climate Change slogan contest opens

WHITEHORSE— Sex sells, so we are told, and Yukon College’s Northern Climate ExChange (NCE) is hoping this holds true for science as much as advertising. 

Starting today, NCE is accepting submissions for a contest to find the best slogan to promote awareness of both climate change and safe sex.

Can’t see the connection? Maybe you’re not thinking hard enough. Just look to winners from the previous contest in 2011, including “Stop dangerous emissions” and “Forget your car. Let’s burn some real rubber.”

The winning slogans will be printed on condom wrappers and distributed throughout Yukon this fall.

“Addressing climate change and addressing unsafe sex – both involve adjusting our habits and behaviour to improve our personal health and the health of our communities,” said Holly Bull, Climate Change Research Assistant at NCE. “We hope this campaign and contest gets people talking and leads to positive change.”

The winner will receive a $150 gift card to the local business of their choice, as well as the glory that comes with having their slogan appear on hundreds of condom packages.

The deadline for submissions is July 14. Visit to enter.