Yukon College to become Yukon University (YukonU)

WHITEHORSE—Minister of Education Doug Graham announced today that Yukon University will be the new name of Yukon College when it officially becomes a university—a process that is currently underway.

“The eventual transition from Yukon College to Yukon University is another step in the evolution of post-secondary education in the territory,” Minister Graham said. “The ability to grant made-in-Yukon degrees, beginning with the proposed bachelor of policy studies in Indigenous governance, is an exciting new phase in the life of the college and in the lives of Yukoners.”

At the request of the Government of Yukon, Yukon College Board of Governors and staff members spent 18 months researching and visiting more than 60 institutions and organizations around the world to help inform and guide the planning and development work now in progress. The new name was selected following a recommendation from the Board of Governors and staff as part of their work.

“There are many steps in the transition process,” Yukon College Board chair Paul Flaherty said. “This is more of a signal step to make it clear to the public that the transition is underway. Both Yukon College and the Yukon government are actively working to prepare.”

Launching Yukon College’s first degree program in 2017 and membership in Universities Canada are critical steps in the transition from college to university. To help prepare its Universities Canada application, Yukon College is preparing for a site visit from the organization in 2016/17 to obtain membership.

“There is a lot of work happening to support the evolution of the college. Having a name for the future institution will help Yukon College staff with planning for and developing the next iteration of post-secondary education in the territory,” Yukon College president Karen Barnes said. “With the process already underway, we will communicate further details over the next couple of years regarding the vision of Yukon University. “

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