Leith Wheeler and Yukon College announce a new bursary award for Yukon First Nations students

WHITEHORSE-Wealth management company Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel has partnered with Yukon College to create 15 annual bursary awards of $500 each, totaling $7,500. The awards support Yukon First Nations citizens attending Yukon College in the following programs: First Nations Governance and Public Administration; Heritage and Culture; First Nations Community Services Administration; Heritage and Culture Essentials Skills; and First Nations Leadership Training.

Ten of the bursaries are committed to Champagne and Aishihik First Nations and Carcross Tagish First Nation citizens, with the remaining available to citizens from any Yukon First Nation. There will be opportunities to apply in the Fall and Winter terms.  The first application deadline is September 30, 2015.

“Leith Wheeler has a long history of supporting communities through education.  We have worked with Yukon College since 1996 and feel they are uniquely positioned to deliver programs that will best help students and their communities,” said Andrew Hoffman, Vice President, Portfolio Manager, Leith Wheeler.

”Meeting financial needs continues to be cited by Yukon College students as the number one barrier to their successful pursuit of post-secondary education,” said Krista Prochazka, Advancement Manager, Yukon College.

“Bursary awards help offset both ongoing and unexpected costs to students allowing them to focus more fully on their educational goals. We are grateful to Leith Wheeler for recognizing this need and supporting students in this way,” added Prochazka.

Please visit yukoncollege.yk.ca/student_info/awards for application details as well as information on 34 other awards available to Yukon College students

Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd. is a respected, employee-owned investment firm with offices in Vancouver and Calgary which has over $17 billion under management.