Permafrost Expert Speaks at Yukon College

Whitehorse Whitehorse – Students at Yukon College will be able to get a first-hand account on the subject of rejuvenation of ice-wedge cracking in the North. Carleton University researcher Dr. Chris Burn is at Yukon College this week as part of his role as Northern Chair for the Natural Sciences and Research Council of Canada (NSERC) who works with the Yukon Centre of Excellence. Dr. Burn is invited into the classroom to present permafrost science findings to the students.


Dr Burn has been working in the North for nearly thirty years. At the moment the work in the Yukon is comprised of permafrost studies in the Mayo area, ground temperature monitoring for infrastructure integrity in Dawson City, the impact of forest fires on permafrost land in the Takhini Valley, and climate change on Herschel Island. He is also working on a book that involves several Yukoners, including instructors from Yukon  College.  


Dr. Burn will be presenting a lunch-hour talk on Thursday, January 28 in the Lecture Hall at 12:10. He will also be speaking for the Yukon Science Institute series at the Beringia Centre.