YC Steps It Up With New Snowshoeing Program

Staff and students at Yukon College are being encouraged to sign up for a snowshoeing program in the New Year, which is aimed at increasing physical activity, relieving stress and improving focus.
Cultural Development Facilitator, Randall Tetlichi, will take participants around the College and provide snowshoeing instruction at lunch hour, every Wednesday, from January 6th to April 28th.
Tetlichi says he will teach the basics of snowshoeing, such as how to walk, run, jog and how to float on top of the snow. “I’ve been around snowshoes my whole life,” Tetlichi says. “A lot of us need a break in the middle of the day, to reenergize and let go of tension, and this is a fun way to do that.”
After school lessons may also be offered and staff and students are welcome to sign a pair of snowshoes out for the weekend.
“I am happy to share this traditional activity with people at the College and I will be pleased to tell some of my stories while we are snowshoeing,” Tetlichi says.
There are currently nine pairs of snowshoes at the College, but more can be ordered to meet demand. People are also encouraged to bring their own.