University of Alberta Partners with Yukon College

Whitehorse, Yukon – On Monday, December 7, at noon in the Boardroom, the University of Alberta (UofA) and Yukon College (YC) will sign a Collaborative Program Agreement for an Environmental and Conservation Sciences Degree. This agreement will be what is commonly referred to as a 2+2 program – two years in a Yukon College program and then two years in the University of Alberta Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree program. Most students will begin with two years in either the Renewable Resource Management or Northern Science Diploma programs before transferring into the BSc, however other routes of entry will also be available. All studies could take place at Yukon  College taught by UofA and YC faculty, or students could choose to spend some or all of their +2 study time at UofA. It will also be possible for students from Edmonton to complete part of their program in Whitehorse.


Courses taught in the Yukon will be revised to be locally applicable, providing education rooted in our northern environment and culture.


"Science based training is key to the North and necessary for most resource industries," said Karen Barnes, vice president of education and training. "This BSc offering opens the door to future program growth in this area."


"This is a very exciting initiative for the University of Alberta," said Fiona Schmiegelow, UofA professor and director of the northern BSc program.  "We are looking forward to a truly collaborative partnership that will provide tremendous opportunities for students and faculty at both institutions."


Once transferring into the UofA Bachelor of Science Degree program, students will be paying UofA tuition fees, which are currently around $500 a course; the YC tuition is about half for the same number of credits.


The degree will be conferred by UofA at Yukon College.