Wrap around innovation services

Knowledge is power – and when you’re starting a business solo or as a small team, it’s impossible to know everything yourself. This is where we can help by working with you to identify upcoming project steps or challenges, connecting you to a network of experts, advisors, mentors, or paying professional fees for specialists to support you on your project, such as legal, accounting, human resources, engineering, computer programming, user interface design (UI/UX), and more.

Wrap around innovation services are open to individuals or businesses developing projects that meet Innovation Fund criteria.

Contact us to learn if you qualify: innovation@yukonu.ca

Success Stories


By leveraging comprehensive wrap around services offered by YukonU I&E, Matthew Ooms, CEO of Earthrise Building Services obtained the necessary legal assistance, grant writing advice, and web development assistance to get his business off the ground. Earthrise aspires to revolutionize the way we interact with our buildings, and currently provides energy assessment and reality capture services with plans to add additional services for building owners in the coming months.

Matthew Ooms - Earthrise
Matthew Ooms, CEO of Earthrise Building Services