Fran Morberg-Green (N'tso Ga / Elädzing) is growing her small business rooted in the land

Fran Morberg

Fran Morberg-Green, also known as N’tso Ga / Elädzing, is merging her love for graphic design and herbal medicine to carve out her own path as an entrepreneur. Some years back, she grappled with intense physical pain, prompting her to delve into diverse healing practices. After finding relief, Fran resolved to deepen her passions and later to seek flexible self-employment avenues. Her goal? To share her creative skills and knowledge with her First Nation, her community and other Yukon communities. 

Fran’s gratitude extends to her mother, Dësla (Julia Morberg). Before Fran embarked on her journey to the Pacific Rim Herbal College in Victoria, BC, her mother served as her first teacher. Dësla generously imparted her wisdom to the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in community, emphasizing the significance of heritage, culture, and language. A strong woman herself, Dësla’s influence lives on through Fran’s tribute: the creation of the Dësla Strong Woman Tea. 

Fran has been honoured with the Grandmother Moon Fellowship as part of the National Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs’ Ecosystem (NIWEE). This program is designed to empower Indigenous women across Canada, enabling them to nurture their early-stage business ideas. 

Fran is actively participating in this program with funding support from the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency and Government of Yukon's Department of Economic Development, as well as Team I&E's time, and resource support from Yukon University. Not only is Fran refining her skills, but she is also fostering connections with fellow women entrepreneurs, building both their businesses and their relationships. 

Fran Morberg-Green harvestingFran expressed that this program empowers her by providing the necessary tools and guidance to set and achieve realistic goals. She finds it to be a valuable resource, especially since she previously lacked a place to seek answers to her questions. 

Fran is looking forward to the future where she will continue her study of plant medicine and graphic design. Simultaneously, she values the autonomy of self-employment, which enables her to devote time to her family and engage freely in wild harvesting.

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