North Star Agriculture provides expertise to grow food in harsh climates

North Star Agriculture

Sonny Gray and the team at North Star Agriculture provide innovative food sovereignty solutions to communities of all sizes, and have been growing their company while participating in IncubateNorth. North Star has supported comprehensive projects, such as Na-cho Nyak Dun First Nation Farm, and is working with Carcross/Tagish FN on Porcupine Creek Farm. Sonny has also been working on a project in Terrace, BC with the Gitanyow First Nation, where they are planning to build sustainable farms and ranches on their traditional territories.

North Star's work does not stop in the North, though. Their team provides expertise on food production in harsh climates, and recognizes that solutions must reach beyond food production, to include water and housing systems that are modular, including renewable technologies.

Last autumn, Sonny traveled to West Pekot, Kenya to be part of a project with Hope Haven for Kenya where they participated in building out a 1000 acre working farm and orphanage for the citizens of Masol (project pictured above). Sonny shared that “solutions in the north lead to solutions in Kenya, in the Islands, and beyond.”

In spring 2023, Sonny Gray and the North Star Agriculture were awarded Community Champion of the Year at the Arctic Indigenous Investment Conference presented by the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce. Sonny shared, "I want to thank our clients, many of whom are First Nations or Indigenous for putting their trust in us. Without them, we wouldn't have Communities to Champion."

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