ColdAcre provides custom food solutions to communities


"Northern food security is in an exciting place," shared Tarek Bos-Jabbar, CEO of ColdAcre Food Systems and IncubateNorth participant. "It's making some great strides forward. A lot of smart people have been solving individual solutions, and then we're just trying to put them all together in one cohesive thought right now. That's the big picture of where we also want to be: selling a full food system that fits the community."

You may be familiar with ColdAcre's hydroponic growing systems and WinterHarvest subscription. What you might not know is that ColdAcre provides a full service to communities to set up custom food systems - their team helps to locate and apply to grants, prepare business proposals, purchase food systems and provides training.

"We're starting to see communities access a more holistic food solution, which is really exciting, because it's creating jobs, fresh food, sparking love and interest for agriculture in remote locations," shared Tarek. 

ColdAcre builds and distributes hydroponic systems throughout northern Canada with active systems in Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Yukon, BC, and they have plans to reach Saskatchewan and Alberta soon. The demand is doubling year after year: "it's pretty exciting to be a Yukon company that's developed a strong position in the national market, with international plans soon."

Fun fact - ColdAcre works with many local businesses by featuring their products in their storefront and through their subscription service. Former IncubateNorth participant, Michel Duteau, founder of YukonGrow, even picks up and recycles used soil from ColdAcre!

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