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PIVOT - A program that helped Yukon businesses reboot and grow during the start of COVID-19

Thank you to everyone who participated in PIVOT. This program ran from April to September of 2020 and is now closed. PIVOT helped seasoned businesses and early start-ups to find ways to adjust their business practices, supply chains and engage customers to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and beyond. 

The program served 66 local businesses, hired 44 coaches and experts, and added $290,000 back into the economy to help businesses. Up to 25% of accepted businesses were based in rural Yukon.

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PIVOT - Yukan Canoe

"Navigating COVID-19 is like paddling a new river for the very first time. With new rapids to navigate, one must be ready for the unexpected. The Yukan Canoe team has risen to the challenge and is thrilled to announce that thanks to PIVOT and a lot of hard work, we continue to share our passion for paddling with Yukoners. Yukon University PIVOT has greatly assisted us in focusing on what we do best. We are proud to be part of the program and are still sharing the benefit that our waterways bring to Yukoners." - Trevor Braun, Yukan Canoe 

PIVOT - Jennifer England

"During uncertainty, a steady and grounded mentor stills the water. My coach in PIVOT program has offered encouragement, experience, and poignant questions to further distill my audience and offerings. I am grateful for the support of PIVOT as a growing entrepreneur." - Jennifer England, Spark Coaching + Consulting

PIVOT - women

Up to 75% of accepted businesses were women-owned. "Solopreneurs & women in sectors hardest hit by the pandemic are bearing an inordinate amount of domestic work, caregiving & childcare." More information available here