Ready to PIVOT your business?

In normal times, organizations “pivot” or make adjustments quite regularly to meet new or changing market demands. COVID-19 is forcing many businesses to reassess their core functions, how they go to market, their financial plans, supply chains and in many cases, how and where to find their customers. PIVOT is Innovation & Entrepreneurship's (I&E) response to COVID-19 in partnership and with support by CanNor and Government of Yukon's Department of Economic Development. Program participants will work with a customized PIVOT support circle made up of experts from various professions to assess, respond, and adapt their businesses in today’s fast-changing environment.

The PIVOT program provides an opportunity for seasoned businesses and early start-ups to look for ways to adjust their business practices, supply chains and ways of engaging customers to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and beyond. PIVOT is setup to work alongside businesses and their teams. While together, we think outside the box, network with change makers and provide targeted support services in order to identify innovative solutions.

PIVOT is a free three-month program, open to all early start-ups and seasoned Yukon businesses.

At a glance

Why are we doing this?

We believe it takes a community for Yukon businesses to adapt to challenges arising because of COVID-19.

How are we doing it?

I&E and its partners will build a customized circle, made up by PIVOT experts to support Yukon businesses.

For up to three months, this circle will accompany the business through the 3-phase PIVOT process:

    • Together we will delve into the external factors defining the new normal for each business including areas of operations, staffing, sales channels, clients, distribution, revenue & pricing. Then we will work with you to identify the resources to help your company navigate these uncertain times. 
    • The PIVOT circle will work with each business to develop and execute a 0-3 month plan to redefine the business.
    • Our team will stay connected through the next 120+ days after RESPOND to revisit assumptions, ideas, opportunities, new pain points, and necessary re-pivots. 

Who can apply

Any Yukon business is eligible to submit an application.

Program length

Up to 3-months


The program offers up to $5000 of grant funding

I&E grant funds will support customized wrap around services for your PIVOT


STEP 1: Businesses submit an application. Successful applicants are contacted by their PIVOT coach to create a PIVOT plan with a custom made circle including a timeline, PIVOT activities, and any additional resources needed.

STEP 2: The circle goes through the steps of re-working, re-envisioning and revamping specific areas needed for the PIVOT program. PIVOT businesses have access to their coach throughout the week and a certain amount of hours per expert for up to three months.

STEP 3: Once the PIVOT plan is complete, the I&E team will stay connected to each business as it adapts to its new model.

Note: Special consideration will be given to tailor the program for all businesses, in particular those in our communities, women and First Nations-led.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's in it for your business?
  • Up to three months with a personalized PIVOT coach
  • 25 - 50 hours with PIVOT expert(s) in the exact domains that meet the businesses PIVOT needs
  • Customized program delivery and training should your businesses PIVOT plan need it


    Program outcomes
    • Businesses will successfully demonstrate adaptable & alternative business processes
    • Minimize impact to job loss and on revenue
    • Increase a reported sense of optimism, understanding & strategic thinking
    • Program storytelling will result in further advocacy for supporting local