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Experts in the field of land management
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Eric Hoogstraten

Department Head, Southern Campuses
Community Education and Development - Southern

Field of expertise

  • imaging
  • land-based education
  • safety training
  • risk mitigation
  • geo-tourism
  • land management
  • technical rope access

Areas of interest

  • commercial and technical photography
  • outdoor pursuit
  • experiential and environmental education program development consulting
  • consulting for outdoor adventure tourism businesses/organizations
  • BC provincial emergency program search and rescue field team leader on technical or remote rescues
  • founding member Inuvik GSAR
  • consulting on risk management in experiential settings mountain guide
  • consulting and providing training in vertical structure rigging
  • rigging for rescue
  • cinematic work and rigging
  • safety supervision in the vertical environment
  • risk analysis
  • accident management
  • helicopter sling rescue board training for boards dealing with land and resource management