Diversity & Inclusion in Business Support Services

Diversity Inclusion

Thinking of starting a business? Already running one? There are many things you may want help with, from money to marketing to legal advice and more. Everyone’s needs are different depending on where you live, what type of business you’re starting, who your customers are, and other things.

Yukon has several programs and support services available for entrepreneurs and small business owners, but we recognize that there are gaps: The existing services are not necessarily meeting the needs of all Yukoners.

We want to learn how to support you better. To do that, we are asking your input on questions like:

  • What are your beliefs and experiences about starting or running a business?
  • What challenges do you face in starting or running a business? What do you want help with?
  • What makes it easier or harder for you to access a program or service?

Whether you have experience with business support services in Yukon, elsewhere, or not at all, we want to hear from you. Your experience with other services and support programs is also relevant to know what works well for your needs (e.g. when, where, and how you prefer to access services).

Help us design something that works for you.

Please join us for group conversations led by Math’ieya Alatini, Antoinette Greenoliph, and Michael Pealow.  This will be an on-line event with phone access.

No internet?  A toll-free phone number will be available. Computers and internet are also available at YukonU community campuses.

Not available then?  Join for a short while if you are able and sign off whenever you need to.   If you can’t attend at all, or if you have more to add, a survey link will be provided so that you can share your thoughts in writing.


Ayamdigut (Whitehorse)