Global Solar Project - Peru Field Study Course

In partnership with North Island College, Aurora College, Northern Lights College, Coast Mountain College, Yukon University is leading a field study course in Peru to do a solar installation in an indigenous community. Students will work with the Alberta-based NGO: Light Up the World to learn about solar energy in remote communities over the course of the approximately 10-day trip. The students will participate in workshops to learn about off-grid solar energy, and also do a solar installation in a community building such as a school, medical centre or community centre. To participate in this experience students may need to fly on small planes into remote communities, or camp in tents in mountainous terrain. Throughout the course, students will also be exposed to Indigenous ways of knowing from a uniquely Peruvian perspective.

This exciting opportunity is funded by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan). If you are selected to participate you would be eligible for $5000-$6000 CAD of funding to cover the costs of the trip.

Three people crouched down working on assembling a solar panel


Students in science-based programs such as Northern Science, Renewable Resources, or related programs are encouraged to apply to participate in this opportunity.

Students from any of the participating institutions are welcome to apply to participate in this field study course. For students not from Yukon University, transfer credits can likely be arranged with your institution.

Students from under-represented groups in study abroad programs such as those who self-identify as being low-income, having disability, or are Indigenous are prioritized for this funding; however, all students are welcome to apply.

Application information

Applications are currently closed.

Sample itinerary

Day 1 Travel to Lima 
Day 2 Spend a day in Lima / introduction to LUTW (Light Up The World)
Day 3 Travel to hub city and acclimatize to the altitude
Day 4 Technical installation and solar training
Day 5 Travel to the selected community and set-up camp
Day 6 Installation day 1
Day 7 Installation day 2
Day 8 Installation day 3
*Day 9 Installation day 4
Day 10 Return to hub city
Day 11 Return to Lima / Fly back to Canada

** One to two days may need to be added to this itinerary to allow for the travel from Whitehorse to Peru.

For more information about Light Up the World visit their website at:

A group of people standing in front of a newly installed solar panel with their arms raised in the air