Convocation: FAQ

Prior to the Ceremony:

How should I prepare on the day of the ceremony?

Graduates should note that during their ceremony they will be expected to wear gowns. Please choose clothes that you can be comfortable in under a gown. All graduates also wear caps (graduation hats) during the ceremony. Please style your hair in a way that can accommodate a cap over top.

Who can I bring to my ceremony?

Each graduate is entitled to bring three (3) guests to convocation.

When should I arrive on my graduation day?

Please arrive early to be gowned and get a breakdown of what the ceremony entails. We recommend getting to campus around 9:30a.m. It is important that you are on time!

Where do I go when I arrive at Yukon University on my graduation day?

When you arrive on your graduation day please proceed to the PIT (lower floor of the academic wing, near the Campus Store). There will be staff volunteers there to assist you with the gowning process.

When we arrive, where should my guests go?

Kindly ask your guests to proceed to the university’s gym when they arrive on graduation day. It would be best for guests to use the gym entrance to avoid congestion in the gowning area.

What is a procession?

After gowning all graduates line up with their cohorts. All graduates proceed to the university’s gym in one long line called a procession. There will be special music to usher you in!

During the ceremony:

What is the expected etiquette/behaviour during the ceremony?

Please do not move around the gym during the ceremony. It is important that you stay in your assigned seat as you will be called to the stage in that order. Please, refrain from eating during the ceremony.

How long is the ceremony?

The graduation ceremony will be approximately two hours long.

What should I expect when it is my time to cross the stage?

Your name will be called, and you will cross the stage, shake the hands of the university officials, pause for photos, then continue moving to the other side, and return to your seat

Is there childcare available during the ceremony?

No, there is no childcare available on graduation day, there will however be a child play area that adults can bring children to if they are getting restless during the ceremony.

After the ceremony:

Where do I go after the ceremony?

After the ceremony, please proceed to the Office of the Registrar area to return your gown, and receive your actual credential.  Then reunite with your friends and family for coffee/tea and cake in the PIT, and have your photo taken.

Where do I receive my credential?

During the ceremony you will not be given your actual credential/transcript, you will receive this when you return your gown, but the cap is yours to keep!

Is there food available on graduation day?

There will be light refreshments available on graduation day after the ceremony, but graduates should not expect a full meal service to be available on campus.