Convocation: FAQ

Congratulations on graduating! Convocation is an important ceremony to celebrate the achievements of Yukon University Graduates. For information and what to anticipate on June 3, 2023, please read below.

Prior to the Ceremony

How should I prepare on the day of the ceremony?

Graduates will be expected to wear either a graduation gown or traditional attire of their choosing. If you are wearing a graduation gown, wear comfortable clothing, as the gown is fairly heavy and hot. All graduates will be wearing caps (mortarboard) during the ceremony, so consider this when styling your hair.

Who can I bring to my ceremony?

Each graduate may bring three (3) guests to convocation.

What time should I arrive on my graduation day?

Arrive at 9:30 a.m. to be gowned and get ready for the procession. Do not be late. Latecomers may be denied participation after the ceremony has begun.

Where do I go when I arrive at Yukon University on my graduation day?

Go to the Office of the Registrar/ Student Services area (lower floor of the common wing, across from the Campus Store). There will be staff there to assist you with gowning and lining up for the procession.

When we arrive, where should my guests go?

Your guests will be asked to go the University’s gym when they arrive. The main doors will be opened at 9:30 a.m.

Accessibility and Accommodations

For accessibility and accommodations requests for you or your guests, email prior to the ceremony.

What is a procession?

Once gowned, all graduates line up with their program areas. The graduates will proceed to the University’s gym in one long line called a procession. There will be special music to usher you in!

During the ceremony

What is the expected etiquette/behavior during the ceremony?

You will be required to sit with the students from your academic program as each program will cross the stage as a unit. You will have the opportunity to celebrate with friends from other programs following the convocation ceremony.

Anticipate that there the ceremony will be two hours in length and include many speeches. Each speaker will appreciate your attention; please refrain from talking as it would be distracting to fellow graduates and the invited guests.

You may bring a water bottle. However, food is not permitted unless a medical reason requires you to do.

Your convocation ceremony is an exciting occasion for you. While you joyfully celebrate, please be considerate of your fellow graduates. Many graduates’ family and friends may not be able to travel to Whitehorse for this momentous occasion. For that reason, we request that you please reserve the extended cheering and whistling for all graduates until the end of ceremony and support each graduate equally.

  • There will be an opportunity for enthusiastic cheering after all graduates have been presented.

How long is the ceremony?

The graduation ceremony will be approximately two hours long. Out of respect to your fellow graduates and distinguished guests, you are expected to stay until the end of the ceremony.

What should I expect when it is my time to cross the stage?

  • Your program will be led to the stage in a line-up and your name will be called when you get to the front of the line. It is important you stay in your place in line.
  • When your name is called, you will cross the stage, shake the hands of the university officials, receive a folder, then continue to the other side of the stage where you will descend the stage.
    • The folder will contain a sheet with instructions on where to collect your credential.
  • Follow the instructions of the marshals and ushers who will guide you back to your seat, where you can support other graduates who are crossing the stage.

Is there childcare available during the ceremony?

No, there is no childcare available on graduation day, there will however be a child play area that adults can bring children to if they are getting restless during the ceremony. Parents / guardians must stay with their children at all times.

Is there a place to buy flowers or grad gifts??

Yes! Watch for our travelling cart at convocation on Saturday, June 3 for flowers and other YukonU-made products! The Campus Store will also be open from 9am to 2pm, offering YukonU apparel, confectionery items and more.

After the ceremony

Where do I go after the ceremony?

After the ceremony, you will be led outside in another procession where you will be free to meet your family and friends and take pictures.

You will then go back to the Office of the Registrar/Student Services area to return your gown and receive your actual credential. Gowns must be returned by 3 p.m. Once you have returned you gown, you will be able to meet your friends and family for coffee/tea and cake in the PIT.

Where do I receive my credential?

  • During the ceremony you will not be given your actual credential. You will be given a folder on stage that you bring with you when you return your gown.
  • Your credential will be given to you once your gown has been returned.
  • You get to keep your cap!

Is there food available on graduation day?

There will be light refreshments and cake available on graduation day after the ceremony in the PIT.

Be sure to eat breakfast prior to arriving on campus as there will not be food available until after the ceremony.