Convocation: FAQ

Congratulations, you’re graduating! Convocation is an important ceremony to celebrate the achievements of Yukon University Graduates. We’ve responded to some of the most-asked questions to help you an anticipate what to expect on June 1, 2024. Please read on! 

Before the Ceremony

What should I wear? 

Gowns and regalia: Graduates will wear either a YukonU graduation gown or traditional attire of their choosing. Graduation gowns are provided for the ceremony. Staff will be ready to help students don gowns and regalia. 

Clothing: What you wear underneath the gown is up to you, and note that whatever you wear under the gown will be shown. Don’t be afraid to dress it up! During past ceremonies students have worn dress shirts, suits or sports jackets and ties, dresses, skirts, and dress pants. 

Footwear: You will walk together in a graduation procession and cross the stage. Please choose footwear that is comfortable and safe to walk in.  

Hair: All graduates will wear caps (mortarboard) during the ceremony, so consider this when styling your hair.

Who can I bring to my ceremony?

Each graduate may bring up to three guests to convocation. There is no cost to attend convocation.

What time should I arrive, and where do I go on my graduation day?

Student Arrival: 9:30-10:00am Office of the Registrar / Student Services area, Ayamdigut Campus main building common wing (across from the Campus Store). Turn right as you arrive through the main entrance.  

There, staff will assist you with gowning and lining up for the graduation procession.

The procession leaves the main building at 10:45am. Latecomers may be denied participation after the ceremony has begun.

Guest Arrival: 10:15am is the recommended arrival time. YukonU Gymnasium. The main doors open at 9:30 a.m., and guests are asked to be seated by 10:45 a.m.

Elders: 9:30am, Elders Lounge. If your guests include elders, they are welcome to sit and relax at the Samay Thìa Harry Allen Lounge, room C1404. Coffee, tea and snacks and seating will be provided.  

Ceremony location: 11:00am Gymnasium, Ayamdigut Campus main building. 500 University Drive, Whitehorse YT.

Accessibility and Accommodations

Brenda Prokopchuck, Accessibility Advisor, Accommodations is available to coordinate accessibility requests for you and your guests. Please contact prior to the ceremony.

What's the graduation procession?

Once gowned, you will line up according to your program area. You will walk together from the Student Services area to the University gym. Ceremonial drummers will lead the procession. From there, ushers will lead you to your assigned seats.

During the ceremony

Ceremony procedure

The ceremony is about two hours long. You will sit together with students from your program. Each program will approach the stage as a unit, and each graduate will be announced one at a time.

You may bring a water bottle. Food is not permitted except for medical reasons.

What should I expect when it is my time to cross the stage?

Marshalls will lead your program group to the stage in a line. Your name will be called when you get to the front of the line. It is important you stay in your place in line.

When your name is called, you will cross the stage, shake the hands of the university officials, receive a folder, pause for an official photograph, then continue to the other side and descend the stage. Marshals will guide you back to your seat.

The folder you will receive contains a sheet with instructions on where to collect your credentials after the ceremony has concluded. 

Can my chosen name be announced at the ceremony? 

Students’ legal names are used for official transcripts and on credential parchments. However, students may request that their chosen name be announced during the graduation ceremony. To make this request please contact by May 24, 2024.

Is childcare available during the ceremony?

Childcare services are not provided on graduation day. A play area is available near the gymnasium. A parent or guardian must stay with their children at all times. 

Where can I buy flowers or grad gifts?

Watch for our travelling cart at convocation on Saturday, June 1 for flowers and other YukonU products! The Campus Store will be open from 9am to 2pm, offering YukonU apparel, confectionery items and more.

Where can I watch the livestream?

Yukon University’s 2024 Ceremony will be livestreamed at:

Is it possible to request that I not be filmed during the procession and ceremony?

Yukon University’s 2024 Ceremony will be livestreamed. Graduates crossing the stage and guests seated on the stage will be on camera. Guests who prefer not to be filmed during the ceremony are encouraged to remain behind or beside the cameras that will be located within the gymnasium throughout the duration of the event.

After the ceremony

Where do I go after the ceremony?

After the ceremony, you will be led outside in another procession. There you can meet your family and friends and take pictures.

Gown return: Return your gown to the Office of the Registrar/Student Services area to return your gown and receive your credential. Gowns must be returned by 2:30 p.m. 

Reception: Cafeteria, main building 2nd Floor. You and your guests are invited to celebrate and enjoy coffee, tea and cake. 

Where do I receive my credential?

During the ceremony you will be given a folder that contains instructions for claiming your credential. Note that this folder is not your credential

Your credential will be given to you once your gown has been returned.

The graduation cap is yours to keep. 

Is food available on graduation day?

Following the ceremony, a reception with coffee, tea and cake will be held in the cafeteria. Snacks are available for purchase at the campus store.