Emergency Response Plan

The Plan outlines the role each individual needs to take in order to make the plan work, how to evacuate the building and what everyone needs to do in the different emergencies that they can potentially face at their workplace. 

The threat to personal safety and property is decreased when all employees are familiar with their role in the emergency response evacuation plan and have the opportunity to practice during scheduled non-emergency drills.

Emergency Response Procedures

For your safety and the safety of others, get to know Yukon University's emergency response procedures.

Emergency Response Plan Overview


In the event of an emergency it is crucial that communication is delivered effectively. Along with direct face-to-face communication, other communication modes at YC include VOIP telephones (for calls and paging), TXT to cell phones, YC Mobile App,  Intercom paging and Fire Warden two-way radios. The mode used will depend on the actual emergency.

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Roles & Responsibilities

Understanding roles and responsibilities you may need to assume in an emergency is a crucial step in preparedness.

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