Free Write Fridays with Ivan Coyote

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Bring your ideas, your laptop or pen and paper and your coffee mug, and join us for a free write session. Open to all genres and all writers. This is a chance to show up for yourself and your writing in a friendly and mutually supportive space. We will say hello, sit down together and then get to work.  

Finish that poem you have been working on. Start that novel you have been dreaming about. Get that homework done. Work alone, but together with Ivan Coyote.

Fridays | 12pm - 1pm 

Room A2309 (Academic Support Centre) Ayamdigut Campus 

About Ivan Coyote

Ivan Coyote is a writer, storyteller and performer. Born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon, they are the author of thirteen books, the creator of four films, seven stage shows, and three albums that combine storytelling with music. Ivan's stories manage to handle both the hilarious and the historical with reverence and compassion, and remind us all of our own fallible and imperfect humanity, while at the same time inspiring us to change the world. Coyote is currently serving as a Specialist in Inclusion and Creative Expression at Yukon University. Ivan's 13th book, Care Of, was released in June 2021 by McClelland and Stewart, and their new show Playlist will premiere in February of 2024. 

Room A2402 Ayamdigut Campus 
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