Mines for Minds - Yukon Party Award

The modular nature and remote locations of the courses in the Environmental Monitoring program require scheduling outside of standard post-secondary timelines. This impacts the ability of some students to access grants, scholarships and/or bursaries, as the courses do not comply with traditional application criteria or procedures. Students are also expected to travel to remote locations and to possess industry-specific gear. The Mines for Minds Giving Circle Award will support students in this program in the following ways:

  • Tuition bursaries
  • Remote location access grants
  • Gear grants

Members of the Yukon Party Executive came together to offer $2,000 annually to Yukon University students enrolled in the Environmental Monitoring program, especially those who reside in communities outside Whitehorse, to attain a meaningful, skilled education in the territory’s mineral exploration and development industry.


  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be one of:
    • A Yukon First Nation citizen
    • An Indigenous citizen
    • A resident of a Yukon community at least 50 kilometres outside of Whitehorse City Limits
  • Be registered in the Yukon University's Environmental Monitoring program


NOTE: No application is required for this award. The Environmental Monitoring Program Coordinator will facilitate disbursement of these funds.

Up to $2,000