Chancellor recruitment

Yukon University is inviting nominations for the role of its second Yukon University Chancellor.

About the role of a chancellor

The Yukon University Chancellor is a university’s ceremonial leader, an advocate for the Yukon University, its mission and values, and its distinctive role in the North. 

Chancellor duties include:

  • confer, on behalf of the University, all degrees, diplomas and certificates
  • participate in graduation ceremonies
  • participate in other official University events, if requested by the board; if requested by the Board, represent the University at a specific function or in a specific capacity
  • represent the University to the public generally
  • advise the Board on matters of public concern
  • assist, to the extent possible, in fundraising and other public relations activities of the University
  • perform any other official duties that the Board may reasonably designate
  • Chancellor is a voting member of the Board of Governors and Senate
Term of Office:
2 years; may be reappointed but may not hold the office for more than 2 consecutive terms
neither an employee nor an agent of the university
Election and Appointment:
by the Board of Governors as regulated by BOG 21.0 Chancellor Selection Policy and BOG 21.1 Procedures
does not receive remuneration for performing the duties of chancellor but may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses, as determined by the Board.

Chancellor recruitment process

The successful candidate will be notified and provided details on the installation ceremony.

Step 1 – by April 1, 2024:

Nomination submission period.

Nominations must be emailed to the University Secretariat; receipt will be acknowledged by email.

Step 2 - April-May, 2024:
Chancellor Selection Committee (“Committee”), led by President Dr. Lesley Brown and comprised of Board and Senate members elected by the corresponding governing bodies, will meet in-camera to review nominations, and make recommendation to the Board of Governors
Step 3 - June 7, 2024:
Board of Governors will meet to review the Committee’s recommendation and make a decision.
Step 4

Their term of office starts September 23, 2024.

Unsuccessful candidates will be notified after the final decision is made.

Selection criteria

The Committee will search for and give preference to individuals with the following attributes: 

  • a person of Canadian citizenship
  • a person who is highly esteemed and regarded as a community leader, who has the respect of both the University and external communities
  • a person whose appointment would add to the reputation and enhance the image of the University
  • a person who has an appreciation of the distinctive role Yukon University has in the North;
  • a person who has enthusiasm for the purposes of Yukon University, specifically those purposes laid out in Section 3 of  the Yukon University Act;
  • a person capable of performing the duties of chancellor as described in Section 11 of the Yukon University Act
  • a person who is available to participate in convocation ceremonies and other ceremonial events
  • a person who is well positioned to build connections between the University and its stakeholder groups, and broader communities locally, nationally, and/or internationally

The following persons are ineligible for the role of chancellor (section 18, Yukon University Act):

  • a member of the Parliament of Canada;
  • a member of the Legislative Assembly;
  • a member of the main governing council of a Yukon First Nation established under the constitution of the Yukon First Nation; and
  • a member of the council of a Yukon First Nation that is a band recognized under the Indian Act.
  • a member of a council of a municipality

For assistance

Please contact University Secretariat: