Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation (TI) encourages the development of innovative technologies and technology-based capacity in the Yukon. Its goals are to assist innovators in the development of commercial products and services that will contribute to the social and economic prosperity of the Yukon. TI provides financial assistance to a wide range of innovative Yukon projects, ranging from software development to mechanical engineering.

TI projects are many. Add your project to this list by sharing your innovative ideas and allowing us to support you

Mission Statement

Through collaboration and partnerships, Technology Innovation will promote and stimulate innovative technology applications for the benefit of Yukon society and the economy.

Through partnerships fostered by TI, the participants will:

  • Create a bridge between those who can benefit from technology applications, and those who can develop applications.
  • Explore new applications for technology that will improve access to services, culture and information for Yukoners.
  • Identify opportunities that will enable Yukon businesses to create jobs in a knowledge-based economy.
  • Through partnerships with educational institutions, develop knowledge and skills among Yukoners that business can draw on to pursue opportunities in the technology sector.
  • Develop applications and infrastructure that will deliver services and support growth in the business economy.