2021-22 academic year tuition and fees


The following tuition amounts are effective for programs/courses within the 2021-22 academic year which concludes on August 31, 2022; 2022-23 tuition and fees are available here)

Residents of Canada or Alaska

All fees are in Canadian dollars

Credit courses for certificate and diploma programs
  • $122/credit
  • $366/three-credit course
Credit courses for 3rd and 4th year courses in degree programs
  • $145/credit
  • $435/three-credit course
Graduate level courses (i.e. Climate Change Policy)
  • $500/credit
University Access Pathways courses
  • $78/credit
  • $234/three-credit course
Practical Nurse
  • $114/credit
Full-time vocational, Culinary Arts
  • $1,777/term
Pre-Apprenticeship trades programs
  • $2,652/program



Ancillary fees (mandatory, non-refundable)
Application fee
  • $30

International student application fee
  • $100

Student Union fee
  • $55/term (full-time)
  • $15/term (part-time)
Technology fee
  • $105/term (full-time)
  • $26/term (part-time)
Student activity fee
  • $31/term (full-time, Ayamdigut campus)
  • $16/term (full-time, community campus/distance)
  • $16/term (part-time, Ayamdigut campus)
  • $9/term (part-time, community campus/distance)