Types of library accounts


  • All student accounts are automatically created and remain active while the student is enrolled at YukonU.
  • Start and end dates applied to library accounts are determined by the dates indicated in the students’ Banner accounts (course start and end dates).

Visiting students may have an account if:

  • they are registered in a post-secondary institution in Canada or Alaska
  • have proof of current registration with another institution
  • are a Yukon resident

Employees, retirees, visiting researchers

  • All employee accounts are automatically created and remain valid until the termination date of the employee's contract with the University.
  • Retiree accounts will start when their status is changed to "retiree" in Banner and account expiration date is set by HR.
  •  Visiting researchers must show proof of affiliation with an academic institution (university/college) in Canada or Alaska.
    • Account expire date will be based on research permit issued by Yukon Government.
    • Accounts are created manually by library staff upon request.


  • Alumni accounts are available upon request and are valid for 2 years after course/program completion.
  • Must present proof of graduation (diploma/certificate) from YukonU.
  • Must have no fines or invoices from previous account. No partial payments accepted.


  • Members of the public who are permanent residents of the Yukon can purchase a library card, valid for one year, for a fee of $50.
  • Current Yukon government ID, such as a driver’s license, must be shown to prove your identity as a resident of Yukon.