Audio-Visual (AV) Services

Book AV Equipment

It is vital that bookings be made at least two business days ahead. Last minute requests can only rarely be accommodated, as equipment may already be in use.

AV Usage

Instructors and staff interested in borrowing equipment must have a valid Library Services account. Check the Accounts section on the Library Services page for more information on how to obtain a library account.

Due to limited inventory and high demand, equipment cannot be loaned for more than one week, unless other arrangements have been made with AV technician.

Equipment must be picked up and returned by the borrower, unless other arrangements have been made with the AV technician. Borrower will be charged $1 per day per item for late equipment. Higher fees apply for lost or damaged equipment.

When using a piece of equipment for the first time, it is a good idea to make an appointment with the AV technician beforehand to get instructions in its use. This will save you time in the end!

Equipment is for use on campus only, with exceptions being made for use at community campuses. Please make arrangements with the AV technician.

Equipment Catalogue

This is a list of the AV equipment available to Faculty and Staff. To place a request, fill the AV request form at least 2 days in advance of date. 


  • MP3 Digital Voice Recorder - 70 hour record time
  • CD player - portable unit with power cord
  • Computer Speakers
  • Conference telephone (Polycom)
  • VOIP conference phones
  • Headsets
  • Oak Microphone Podium
  • Portable Microphone Podium
  • Public Announcement Systems
  • Walkie-Talkies
  • Wireless and Handheld Microphones


  • Digital Cameras - SD card memory
  • Data Projectors for software presentations or DVD projection
  • DVD players with HDMI
  • Flip Chart - with paper
  • LCD flat screen TVs - on a mobile cart
  • Overhead projector - displays overhead transparencies onto a projection screen
  • Projector Screen
  • Slide projector - comes with slide changer and carousel, if requested
  • Video camera (SD card memory) - with transformer, power cord and tripod, if requested. Some models may have a battery pack.  SD cards can be purchased at a price of $5.00 each (instructors only)
  • Web Cams
  • Wireless display devices (Diamond, Apple TV, Chromecast, Microsoft wireless adapter)


  • Laptops - loaded with Win7 or Win 10 and Office 2013

The Library also has various connector cables and adapters for several kinds of equipment. Adapters for iPad are also available.

AV Services for Community Campuses
  • Staff and faculty located in the community campuses must have a valid library services account before requesting AV equipment. Accounts can be requested through this form.
  • AV requests must be placed at least two business days prior to pick up time. Equipment is available on a first come, first serve basis, so requesting in advance is highly recommended.
  • Loan period for community patrons is three weeks, which includes pick up and return times.
  • An overdue fine of $1 per day per item applies for late returns.
  • If the equipment is lost, stolen, or broken, the community campus will be responsible for replacement costs.
  • Equipment can be picked up by the borrower or a person representing the borrower. We are unable to directly ship equipment to community campuses.
  • Community campus can also ask for the donation of older equipment that would otherwise be discarded. Check with AV technician about this options.