University of the Arctic

The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a cooperative network of universities, colleges, and other organizations committed to higher education and research in the North. Members share resources, facilities, and expertise to build and offer post-secondary education programs that are relevant and accessible to northern students.

The goal of UArctic is to create a strong, sustainable circumpolar region by empowering northerners and northern communities through education and shared knowledge.

Yukon University is proud to be a founding member of the UArctic. If you would like to learn more about the University of the Arctic at YukonU, please send email to the University of the Arctic Coordinator/Instructor, Amanda Graham or link here

north2north Student Mobility Program

The north2north mobility program gives students of UArctic-member institutions the opportunity to learn first hand about life in another northern region. Application forms may be downloaded from The application deadline is 15 February and applications are evaluated and program places awarded at the end of March. Successful students receive travel support to study at another UArctic institution. North2north is tailored to meet the needs of northern students.

Participating institutions are located in or deeply committed to the North. Their programs offer a range of circumpolar- and northern-focused courses, many of which may be applied to your UArctic-member BCS degree. In addition, north2north will give you an exciting experience that will enhance your unique northern perspective and give you the opportunity to make new friends from around the world and across the North.

Northern residents (7+ years) in full-time undergraduate programs (at Yukon University or any other Canadian institution) may be eligible for a Northern Residents Award, a $5,000 educational award administered by the Canadian Northern Studies Trust of the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS) (deadline for NRA is 31 January). See Leaving the Yukon University website.for information on this opportunity and on the CNST Awards Program.

For more information on how Yukon University students can apply to take part in north2north, contact the Coordinator/Instructor.

Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies and Circumpolar Studies

The Circumpolar Studies Program (BCS)  is a way for students attending University of the Arctic institutions to learn more about the North. Courses may be held in the classroom, online, in the field, or in other northern countries. Using both academic and traditional indigenous knowledge, the Circumpolar Studies Program lets students learn about the lands, peoples and issues of the Circumpolar World in ways that complement the coursework they’re doing in their disciplinary or interdisciplinary degree program.

Circumpolar Studies is a suite of courses packaged to enhance the northern and circumpolar relevance of any disciplinary degree program (i.e., include circumpolar studies in a BSc in biology, geology, physics or engineering, a BA in political science, communications, history, geography or business or public administration, etc.). Similarly, Circumpolar Studies will enhance the northern relevance of any interdisciplinary program (i.e., Canadian Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Environmental Studies, etc.).

Because the UArctic Circumpolar Studies Program is a small part of an undergraduate degree program, it can prepare students for

  • knowledgeable contributions to employment in business, government, industry, or any other sector with operations or interests in the Circumpolar region; and
  • advanced (Masters-level) study or professional employment in diverse fields, such as (but not limited to) sustainable resource management, self-government, Arctic engineering, and northern tourism.

Yukon University program advisors will work with students who wish to combine Circumpolar Studies with a Bachelor degree. Non-UArctic institutions accept some or all BCS courses for transfer credit (varies by institution).