Our research

Our unique focus on Yukon and northern research is what sets us apart.


Inspired by western science and Indigenous knowledge

Our research draws on western science and Indigenous knowledge to share innovative, northern solutions with our communities, the North, and beyond.

Northern in focus

Our faculty and researchers work on a wide range of topics - from ornithology to electrical engineering, permafrost to pedagogy - and we continue to grow our research expertise in topics relevant to the North.

Grounded in strong partnerships

We collaborate with First Nations, municipal and territorial governments, Yukon communities, industry and other academic institutions.

YukonU Research Centre

The YukonU Research Centre is located on Ayamdigut Campus in Whitehorse. Formally established in 2010, we have been conducting, implementing and sharing research on northern topics for over three decades. 

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Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining

The Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining works closely with the YukonU Research Centre to address specific northern challenges and opportunities in the mining industry, and provides a critical link to industry allowing for comprehensive, applied research.

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YukonU Research Stories


Honey, it’s cold outside - for bees 

This research explores whether insulating bee hives in the summer could benefit the overall health and productivity of bee colonies.
Cigre cover

Sustainable electricity for all

Combining conventional generators with renewable energy and energy storage systems is a big step towards decarbonization.
Dog on leash

Dogs help un-leash alternative energy

Dog walkers can now generate electricity and sell it back to the grid thanks to new microgeneration technology.
McIntyre Creek

Research opportunities in nearby McIntyre Creek

This data and subsequent analyses will improve our understanding of several cold region science topics.

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