Skillful Manager Seminars

The ‘Skillful Manager’ is a series of five seminars  designed for both aspiring and experienced supervisors and managers.

Focusing on optimizing productivity and engagement, a variety of essential management tools and management strategies will be explored. You'll gain a comprehensive snapshot of workplace issues and develop key competencies that will empower you to understand, coach, motivate, and lead teams for success.

These seminars are relevant for employees across all sectors in small companies, corporations, and governments.

  • New managers and supervisors who want to learn the essential skills of supervision and management;
  • Experienced managers and supervisors who want to further their skills and refresh their approach; and
  • High potential employees who see supervision or management as their career development.
Customized learning solutions

Our programs and courses are available in open enrollment format for individual development and can be customized for organizations, corporations, or teams for group professional development.