Institute of Indigenous Self-Determination

Community. Collaboration. Education. Research.

Our Institute of Indigenous Self-Determination is a leader in First Nation education in Canada.

Through our nationally-recognized Indigenous initiatives and strong partnerships with local First Nations, we emphasize northern solutions to northern problems.We’re also taking great strides towards developing research and innovation, in partnership with Yukon First Nations.

Linking the past to the present, as we prepare for the future.

Founded with the advocacy, commitment and consultation of all 14 Yukon First Nations, our mandate is to support First Nations leaders and to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. Our work with the YukonU Research Centre addresses challenges faced by Indigenous governments and connects researchers to Indigenous communities, their problems and their policy interests.

Modern education rooted in tradition.

We offer the opportunity to learn with and from Indigenous leaders and professionals that will help students make a difference in their community.

From informing policy and organizations to finding solutions to challenging problems, self-determination for Indigenous peoples is a journey that impacts us all.