Message from the Executive Director

Shelagh RowlesWelcome to Yukon University’s Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining (CNIM).

Employment in the mining sector may fluctuate seasonally, and through boom and bust cycles. But the need for skilled labour never changes. And as baby boomers enter their retirement years, the need for skilled labour is only growing. Economic  studies show hundreds of thousands of positions go wanting in Canada for lack of trained workers.

The problem is particularly acute in the north.

That’s why CNIM was created: to work with industry to provide the best training to maximize opportunities for northerners in the region’s labour market.

CNIM’s goal is to help build a highly skilled northern workforce, a stronger economy generally through greater opportunity, and a more efficient, sustainable mineral industry.

For students considering a career in the trades, CNIM can offer a wide range of industrial and construction programs that can prepare you for today’s workplace.  Our staff of skilled instructors are second to none, with decades of experience on the worksite and in the classroom. With our small class sizes, student get personalized attention and real hands-on support from the teaching staff.

Skills training has been at the heart of Yukon University programming for 50 years. CNIM’s commitment to training skilled workers shows it will remain a vital aspect of the University for years to come.

Shelagh Rowles