“Education is the key to reconciliation at all levels.”
- Justice Murray Sinclair, chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Walking Our Path Together is an audio podcast series featuring the voices of more than 50 Yukoners sharing their first-hand experiences of the College deepening its relationship with the 14 Yukon First Nations and integrating Indigenous ways of knowing and doing into the institution.

The eleven episodes of season one share stories of what reconciliation really looks like on the ground. Stories about Indigenizing curriculum, Elders on campus, land-based learning and the legacies of residential school in Yukon.

We also cover the College’s early days as a vocational school, the naming of the Whitehorse campus “Ayamdigut” (I-am-dey-goot), the 2008 Sunrise Report and its significant impact on the College’s relationship with First Nations in Yukon, as well as aspirations for the role Yukon University will play in Northern post-secondary education.

The project is part of Yukon College’s response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action. We felt an oral history would better reflect where we are in our journey and the work already done at Yukon College to Indigenize the curriculum, to ensure all students and employees possess a grounding in Yukon First Nations history and culture. This approach also upholds Indigenous ways of knowing and doing by acknowledging the transmission of knowledge via stories as legitimate and serious.

We are incredibly grateful to the many Yukoners who gave their time to participate in this project and share their stories. This is not the entire story, it’s part of our story, at this point in time, and we have the opportunity to add to it in the future, as our story continues.

Walking Our Path Together is produced by Leighann Chalykoff (LC Creative) with original music by Jona Barr. The website features original graphics by Nhesa Patoy, a graduate of the Multimedia Communications certificate program.

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