Communications and IT in a Can

In a partnership with Cold Climate Innovation, Total North Communications Limited is developin a rugged fully integrated, self-contained mobile communications centre that is modular and includes all the technologies required to operate in harsh northern environments such as mineral resources camps and remote communities.

Project Overview

The project is taking an off-the-shelf mobile data center, modifying it to a level that will allow it to withstand the harsh extremes of the northern environment, virtualizing the existing Total North server and then subjecting the data centre and data to cold climate.

Once testing has been successfully completed the data center will undergo extensive field trials over the course of 2014/15 as well as be tested and utilized as a remote back-up server for agencies based within Whitehorse. This will not only serve to demonstrate that the mobile data centre will be ideal as an all-weather remote communications and IT suite but that it can be used as a deployable/remote server or entities that do not have the space and/or capability to have a permanent on-site server.

  • Gord Duncan, President, Total North